Thursday, 1 August 2013

Beautugly and Sexunny

Mean Girls is one of my favourite teen films, and for those of you who have seen it, you must admit that "fugly" is a great word.

Me - I am not mean by nature nor did I put that word in my vernacular, however, I do love the idea of word combinations and the evolution of language. A source from Quora suggests that about 4000 new words are added to the dictionary each year.

So based on random thoughts and experiences I have had lately, I decided to combine my love of lists AND words.

First, close to fugly is beautugly.

Not a new one, but I tried to think of some examples that could be used to help describe what is both beautiful and ugly at the same time. I am sure you had the first same thought I did:

1. Penises and Vaginas. Strange lookin' - but what they can accomplish with a little help can be gorgeous (yah, that's right I said gorgeous), and potentially can lead to:
2. Giving Birth. I don't think I need to expand on that one.

Other things that came to mind when thinking of Beautugly:

3. Birkenstocks. And I love mine - OK.
4. The Humpback of Notre Dame.
5. Fish. Gills are ew but they have that swimming elegance.
6. Expensive Weddings. Ugly amounts of money.
7. Crushes. Beautiful and ugly feelings all at once. This ugly includes painful. But see Number 2 also.

The other word is Sexunny. I googled this and nothing came up really. Could also be referred to as funxy - but that did come up related to something database/IT. So what is sexy and funny at the same time? For some of you it might be IT, but, here is my off the cuff list:

a. Archie comics
b. Strip teases by non-professionals.
c. "Hungry bum" - when your pants are so tight, well you can imagine the rest.
d. Orgasm faces. Or are those only funny?
e. Tummy suck-ins. Cause you are trying so hard.
f. Watching a banal sitcom on the couch - naked.
g. Being sexunny.


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