Friday, 31 May 2013

Hot water is a luxury

"Little" Post #2:

So it's really hot out today and maybe it is odd to be thinking about hot water.

But it is one of those little things that we take for granted since most of us no longer have to go and fetch the water, carry the heavy load back and wait forever and a day for it to boil over a fire or an old stove. Which as a side track makes me think of Ruth schlepping buckets of water back and forth to do her multitude of hard housework on Victorian Farm. I love this show as well as Edwardian Farm and I highly recommend both series! Funny how I would think of a documentary re-enactment and not about our actual forefathers and mothers who really did do that work. Or had servants do it for them. Or were the servants.

And it’s a luxury to which I would like to pay tribute, albeit with some guilt as my use of hot water is in direct conflict with my attempts at being environmentally conscious. There are the obvious benefits to hot water - the guarantee that you blasted the germs on your tea towels in the washing machine, the al dente noodles you need for your carb overload week-end indulgence or the hot cup of lemon, honey and ginger infusion so soothing when you have a bad cold. OK - those last two technically require you to boil water but you get my point.

But the best "instant" hot water experience is the long shower. Yes, I said long - it’s a luxury that I afford myself. Not monitarely, since my landlord pays for water, but from a time hogging, selfish, non-environmentally friendly perspective. I have few places to go for real alone, thinking time and it’s the one place where my kids won't disturb me. Not likely because they respect and appreciate that I need some time alone, but because what kid wants to catch their naked mum coming out of the shower!

During the long, hot shower I can tap into all my senses.

I see the beauty of the steam rising.

I hear the soothing pitter, patter of the droplets on the porcelain.

I taste that first spicy burst of peppermint on my tongue (ok, I admit I brush my teeth in the shower).

I feel the fingers of my H2O masseuse on my otherwise tense neck and back.

I breathe in deeply to experience the various scented shampoos, conditioners and body washes (all relatively eco-friendly and sulfate free of course).

And before this goes into erotica territory, it offers me the chance to stare off into space and think about the day to come or reflect on the day that was.

Its cathartic and its practical in that you come out clean both emotionally and physically, and so I thank you hot water that comes from my taps! And I apologize to you, David Suzuki!

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clear skyes said...

Ah the joy!! This is so fitting. For one, I share your indulgence in long hot showers for a lot of the same reasons, and at the same time feel the hovering cringe of eco-unfriendliness. I am constantly nudging my husband to remember the 3 Rs...but this too is the one (ok mb one of a couple...) wasteful practice I overlook. Two, I just received my David Suzuki T in the mail the other day ;) (to view it look on my fb profile pics)